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CTN Ann Arbor Candidate Comment Ward 5

CTN Ann Arbor, published July 10, 2018

Warpehoski faces Ann Arbor restaurant owner in 5th Ward council race

MLive June 28, 2018

“Residents and small businesses deserve more from our local government, and it’s time to disrupt the deadlock on City Council and elect a true independent thinker,” Ramlawi said.

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Election 2018: A breakdown of Ann Arbor’s City Council and Mayoral candidates

The Michigan Daily May 16, 2018

Ramlawi also sees city affordability as a major issue.

“We like to call ourselves liberal progressives, but I don’t see it being attacked from the bottom-up when it comes to what people are making and what they’re earning,” Ramlawi said. “I don’t see the voices on council demanding action … it’s not just the supply side of housing.”

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5th Ward Ann Arbor candidates vow to not take money from developers

MLive May 4, 2018

“I have been challenged by the incumbent not to accept any financial contributions from developers to my political campaign; with honor the challenge is accepted,” Ramlawi wrote on Facebook.

Ramlawi said the race is about something greater than an arbitrary challenge, though. He said it’s about the future of Ann Arbor and he’s urging residents to vote for a new independent voice.

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Ann Arbor Planning Commission 

May 1, 2018

Ali Ramlawi speaks before the Planning Commission on the Lockwood Development Project.

Ali Ramlawi explains why he’s running for Ann Arbor City Council

5th Ward candidates in Ann Arbor disagree on how to use new tax money

MLive April 14, 2018

Ramlawi said he supported the new countywide tax for the reasons of mental health, not for the reasons of affordable housing, pedestrian safety and climate action.

He said it’s going to be an eight-year millage, so the city should decide year by year how it’s going to use its share and put the money toward the most pressing issues facing the city.

“And I think we need to fund mental health even more so, not just what the county will contribute,” Ramlawi, suggesting the city should use its rebate in the next year to fix the roads and fund mental health services. “And I’d look at it every year to find out what our most challenging issues were, and decide then.”

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Candidates for mayor and City Council debate policy, campaign contributions

The Michigan Daily April 12, 2018

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Jerusalem Garden owner files to run for Ann Arbor City Council

MLive August 10, 2017

The owner of the Jerusalem Garden restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor filed to run for City Council on Wednesday, Aug. 9, just before the filing deadline for independent candidates.

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Jerusalem Garden owner Ali Ramlawi running for City Council

MLive April 20, 2017

Ali Ramlawi was one of the residents who walked out of city hall frustrated Monday night as the Ann Arbor City Council decided to sell the city-owned Library Lot to Chicago developer Core Spaces.

The owner of the Jerusalem Garden restaurant downtown has since decided he’s going to run for City Council this year.

“People are not going to take it anymore, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” he said. “We want better representation.”

Ramlawi, who lives on Seventh Street, pulled petitions from the city clerk’s office on Wednesday, April 19.

He’s seeking the council seat held by 5th Ward incumbent Chip Smith, who voted in favor of selling the Fifth Avenue property next to the downtown library.

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Hiring crisis: Ann Arbor restaurants struggle to find workers

MLive October 25, 2015

On a recent Monday afternoon, Jerusalem Garden owner Ali Ramlawi could be found working the grill at his Liberty Street restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. Two staff members had called in sick, and Ramlawi, who has been struggling to hire enough workers to fill his recently expanded restaurant, had to fill in.

This is not an uncommon problem for Ramlawi or many downtown restaurant owners.

“I went to the DDA years ago and said listen, you have to do something about affordable housing,” said Jerusalem Garden’s Ramlawi. “One of the big factors that contributes to Ann Arbor having a thriving downtown is its thriving restaurant scene, but the people who work in this industry can no longer afford to live in this town. With the high cost of living, we have driven out the people who are driving the industry.”

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